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About Us

We exist to connect people with Jesus, His Church and Community

We’d love you to make Connect Church your home church. Here’s a little bit about who we are and where we come from to help you get to know us better.

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10:00am. 70 Gordon St, Albert Park, Adelaide

our Values

We believe salvation comes through faith in Jesus Christ who died on the cross to pay the price for our sin and rose again to give us victorious life.

our Pastors


Jonasz + Sandra Magiera

Connect Church Adelaide is led by Jonasz and Sandra Magiera. Jonasz and Sandra are driven by the desire to see a change in people’s eternal destiny. They are building a church that is founded on the faith that Jesus loves us, saves us, and transforms our lives. Jonasz and Sandra take the values of Connect Church into everything they do, creating a vibrant, joyous, safe, and real community of faith.

Jonasz travelled from Poland to Australia as a young man, where he first laid eyes on Sandra, the daughter of Polish immigrants, in a local Polish Christian Church in Adelaide. Their worlds collided and the plans Jesus had laid for them long ago came to fruition when they married in 2009. Their shared Polish heritage has led to their understanding of migrants and people of diverse backgrounds, and they have a heart to reach out to those who may otherwise feel disconnected by the world around them. Jonasz and Sandra’s meeting has also left them with a deep and abiding belief in the local church – its importance and its power in being a life-changing force for good in people’s lives.

Jonasz and Sandra have four lovely children, Jemima, Nathaniel, Esther and Hannah. They are building Connect Church in a way that reaches across the generations, making a place to belong for every member of the family.

The Magiera Family

our Roots

Connect Church launched in 2022 and is the new trading name for the Polish Christian Church. Our church was born in the 1992 to serve the small but thriving local Polish community in Adelaide. Over the years we became the home church for people from many other diverse backgrounds, building an important social bridge as people from migrant backgrounds became used to their new home in Australia.

We are proud of our rich history, and of the crucial role we play in offering an inclusive, accepting and understanding place of Christian worship for people of all backgrounds.

We are also delighted to welcome everyone who wishes to experience our multicultural church – we know you will love getting to know us (and let’s face it, our shared meals, particularly the Polish pierogi, are truly heavenly!)


Where to from here?

Connect Church Adelaide is focused on building connections that take us from where we are today to the places God has for us in the future; locally, nationally and globally.

We are intentionally equipping our young leaders to step forward in growing confidence so they can begin to lead their generation in God’s Grace and truth.

We are broadening our ministry, focusing on areas that serve each generation of the Connect Church families. Our children’s ministries are at the heart of this as we nurture our children in the ways of God.

We are mindful of God’s love for everyone, and we seek out ways to take God’s love outside of the walls of the church and into our community and the world beyond.

We are kingdom minded, seeking heart connections with other churches and Christian organisations. We believe that we can make one another stronger and enable one another to press deeper into God’s love, Grace, and truth. We are here to both learn and teach, trusting God to lead us forward in His kingdom. Connect Church Adelaide is part of the Australian Christian Churches organisation, a network of Pentecostal churches in Australia.

We Can't wait to connect with you